English Writing and Comprehension (EWC) – (英文寫作理解班)

English Writing and Comprehension (EWC) – (英文寫作理解班)

$ 1,920.00 / 1 lesson per week (1.5 Hrs)/6 lessons

Free: $200 cash coupons for regular course

Group : Primary 34 / Primary 5-6

Participating in English Writing and Comprehension class is certainly the best way to train students’ reading and writing skills. This is generally recognized to be essential for preparation in the Internal Examinations for the purpose of Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) (呈分試) . We therefore strongly recommend students, especially the less capable ones, to join our English Writing and Comprehension course. We aim at training students to become more competitive and creativecandidates in an interesting manner. We will also nurture students to be interested in learning English. They will certainly benefit from the course.

Time Table (14/7/2015  –  22/8/2015)  

開班日期P3-P4 星期     上課時間 課程編號
7: 16,23,308:6,13,20                                        Thur ()  10:30-12:00
開班日期P5-P6 星期     上課時間 課程編號
7: 17,24,318:7,14,21                     Fri (五)  10:30-12:00

本課程由辯論協會主辦    〝其他課程時間,請致電查詢〞          更新日期 :2015年6月4日